A Quick Guide to Buying Your First Hunting Rifle

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If you're ready to start hunting, you need to carefully choose the rifle you'll use. First-time hunters often assume that the bigger the rifle, the better it will be, but getting one that's too big or heavy for you can mean losing control of it. On the other hand, some lightweight rifles might not work for the game you're hunting. You also need to ensure you can properly maintain the rifle you choose; note what that means, and a few important tips for those looking for their first hunting rifle:

4 August 2017

How Synthetic Surfaces Can Help Improve Your Backhand Return

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Practice makes perfect, and practicing a backhand shot on a synthetic playing surface can be especially effective. Synthetic courts offer a much more predictable level of bounce than other surfaces, like natural grass or clay. By perfecting your backhand technique on a synthetic surface, you will gain some distinct advantages. Once you have the shot in your locker, you can replicate it on other surfaces, so long as you adjust your positioning for the expected variation in bounce.

20 July 2017